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Re: Outside temperature indicator

Greg F. wrote:

>The outside temperature gauge on my 1987 5000Q has gone bonkers.
Currently it
>reads about 15 degrees F below the actual temperature.  Since the car
spends a
>lot of time on the road to Vermont, I miss knowing more accurately when
>outside temp is +/- freezing. Seems to also affect the internal thermostat
>well. Since I still haven't solved my ABS problem, this has the potential
>put the wrong type of excitement in my driving experience.  Re-booting by
>battery disconnect has had no effect.  Any ideas appreciated?  Thanks.

Probably the temp sensor is AWOL.  Had this same problem with my
A4, except in my case it was intermittant.  Dealer finally (and, oh boy,
thereby hangs a tail) replaced the sensor in the air intake up under the
dash - fixed the problem.  Note there are two sensors, the other one
being in the engine compartment in front of the radiator.

-Mark Quinn