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Re: Pingin' (fwd)

>From the diy_efi list:

I think we already know this, but...  if your turbo car is blowing
blue smoke, better get it fixed or the detonation can be
devastating to the engine.


> At 11:27 AM 1/17/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >With coming into a '85 turbo EXP (w/ a turbo leaking oil into the intake side)
> >the car had EXTREMELY bad detonation.  When I repaired the turbo (stopped the
> >oil leak) the detonation went away (and all that blue smoke :) ).  I've heard
> >that oil in the air/fuel mixture causes detonation and I'd like to know why?
> >Any intelligent answers out there?? 

> Oil is of an extremely low octane (if used for fuel).  when the engine
> starts sucking oil through the intake, it is mixed with the air fuel
> mixture effectively reducing it's octane rating.  Even though you may be
> running gas with a 93 rating, with enough oil you may be down to 80...
> Like mixing kerosene with your gas... it lowers the octane.
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