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RE: rapid-fire turn signals

Probably a ground problem in one of the tail lights ... the turn signal is
getting grounded through the unpowered brake light circuit ... when the
brakes are on it is as if the turn signal is burned out [but actually the
turn signal light is probably coming on when the brakes are depressed, and
flashing out of phase when the brakes and signal are both running].

I actually use this same concept to cause my corner marker lights to flash
with the signals and still come on with the headlights ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> 	he recently replaced his fuse panel, 83 urq.  
> 	his turn signal operates normally until he depresses
> 	his brake pedal.  with that, the blink rate of the 
> 	external signal lights and internal indicator blinks 
> 	waaaay faster.