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Funny noise, funny light

"annoying noise" from the little grille in the center of the dash on a 5K -
something has fallen down the grille and is hitting the little motor-driven
fan on the "vacuum aspirator" for the internal temp sensor. You get to take
the motor out and remove the something (awful job) or live with it until
something is ground away, hopefully not the fan.

I also have ONE right side headlight assembly for a 91 vintage Mazda 323
four door - this will NOT fit the hatchback, and the only reason I mention
this here on the Audi list is that I remember that someone on this list has
a turbo AWD 323 (my goodness, that's stretching it, Mike!)

Anyway, it is brand new and takes the EURO H-4 bulb. $75 takes it - list is
well over $250. Glass lens, metal reflector, LH drive.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman