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Re: 5ktq Problems

> > 2) No BOOST.  I mean NO Boost.  Floored in 2nd you see 1.0 Bar and dont
> > feel a surge of the TUrbo coming on.  It reads 1.1 BAR sometimes in 3rd.
> > You can feel the turbo come on a little but not much.
> >
> Third gear is typically where the car will see the highest boost.  Remember,
> the stock boost guage reads low.  1.1 bar may well be 1.2-1.3...
That's what I thought initially, but when the motor isn't running and
you get 1.0, it's pretty hard to be off very much at 1.3. I found out
that at 1.0 something is wrong, 1.1 something is wrong, 1.2 (4 psi)
something is wrong and finally 1.3 (12 psi) everything is working. I
didn't need third gear to see 1.3 either. You do need to be over 3000
rpm though. I had a bad wgfv hose, bad michelin man hose, bad wot switch
and a bad wot switch connector. the last one was tricky. You can check
your wot switch till the cows come home, but if the connector is bad, no

> > I checked the IC to
> > TB hose and it is fine.  
Michelin man? Take it off and flex it looking for cracks.

>WOT switch and Idle switch appear to work right
See note above. I have also heard that it must be less than 2 ohms at
the switch or 6 ohms at the ECU. You need a meter that can read that low
to check it.