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Radiator Neck Broken HELP

Last Night the radiator neck broke off of my 88 80 quattro. I read through the
archives and found the information about th repair kit. I have currently
repaired the problem with SS pipe and JB weld. My questions:

1) Why did it break in the first place ?

2) I seem to have lost about 1/2 of the resovoir of coolant after 50 miles of
driving. Nothing is leaking, but the a/f is gone?

3) The car is still smoking when it gets hot, but again, no leaks while the
car is hot and running. Also not much over the regular running temp.

4) why is it running over temp. a/f to water ratio is 50/50. Currently our
weather here in NY is in the 40's F.

In responding could you please post to the list but cc: a copy to me at

Scott Calabrese
88 80 Q