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Re: Help? Give me your comments/opinions about the QCUSA site?


I like it.  It's much more interesting visually than most of the sites out
there.  Seems to be pretty easy to navigate as well.

John Corbs
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Date: Friday, February 26, 1999 1:36 PM
Subject: Help? Give me your comments/opinions about the QCUSA site?

>Hello fellow listers,
>I got home last night to discover a forwarded email from Karen Chadwick
>in my inbox.  (see below)
>"I have walked around the web site, and while I find the information
>that is contained there to be very useful I find the presentation of it
>to be very disturbing- I get a headache just trying to figure out where
>to start on any given page.  It is entirely too busy.  <<SNIP>>
> ---------------------------------------------------
>Then Karen adds....
>"Hi Darin...just thought I'd send this comment your way...the page may
>be a bit too overwhelming for some people, sometimes less is more.  I
>haven't had time to study it yet, but will have a good look at it and
>perhaps we can brainstorm ideas to  how to make it look cleaner."
>If you have a chance please look at the porsche web site..its really
>easy to use and easy on the eyes.
>I do appreciate all the work you've done on it.
>Ok, so I'm a little disturbed by the fact that she wants to change it
>because of one comment.  You can't please everyone no matter how hard
>you try.  She has mentioned the PCA.ORG web site to me damn near six
>times now, and I think she'd rather have the QCUSA site like that.  I
>personally think the PCA site is _boring_ ... and I'd resign my post as
>"webmaster for QCUSA" before I build a page like that.  I have nothing
>against the PCA, I just don't care for the rather bland web site.
>I'm actually thinking of resigning as it is...  I spent over a week to
>completely go through the site and come up with the final version, so
>I'm obviously not thrilled about the idea of having to come up with yet
>another design.  (Especially since all of my time is DONATED on the
>QCUSA web site)
>So I'm looking for _honest_ opinions about the site from you.
>(http://www.quattroclubusa.org)  If I get enough comments telling me it
>sucks, I'll redo it I guess, then will probably give notice that I wish
>to resign my "post".  It isn't that I can't handle criticism, I happen
>to like constructive criticism because it lets me know what to do in the
>future.  I'm just puzzled by the sudden 180' turn...
>If there is anyone out there that is a QCUSA member, has experience with
>running a web site, and doesn't mind working for free, drop me a line
>and I'll pass your name along to Karen should I decide to call it quits.
>I'll climb off my soap box now...
>(***PLEASE respond directly to me as I don't want to clutter the lists
>with this thread!  :-)
>'90 CQ20V