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81 Ur-q points and questions

I've set about stripping more of my 81 Ur-q this weekend and have found the

It has a wastegate support bracket - bracket? this is one _big_ piece of
The rear screen doesn't have 'quattro' in the heater elements, was this
something that came later?
I keep reading that the 'quattro' script on side windows is etched into the
glass, on this car they are some sort of plastic bonded to the glass.
The 'hidden' VIN isn't there - the mounting holes for the plate are on the
opposite side of the car to where they are on a rhd model (this is lhd) but
there's no plate and theres no sign of one ever having been fitted.

Is there a correct way to store glass (windscreens etc)? Vertically or laid
flat? I've never cared before as the glass for my previous vehicles has
always been readily available at any scrapyard but I'd rather not be stuck
with trying to source replacements for the Ur-q just because I stored it

Jim Haseltine