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Re: "Caulking" for Taillight

John Corbishley wrote:
> Having just received my replacement from the good Mr. Semple I discovered
> that there is some sort of "mastic" which seals the taillight from the
> outside elements.  Being a Sunday I had to re-use that which was on the old
> taillight, but am concerned that I did not have quite enough after cleaning
> out all the road debris.
> I seem to remember this issue being addressed by the List some time back.
> Is this a 3M product, and does anyone know what it is called?  Otherwise any
> alternative suggestions.
> John Corbs
> Traverse City, MI
> '83 & '85 Ur-qs (for my sins)


I have a box of mastic at home made by 3M.  I picked mine up at
Electrical supply outlet.   They use it to wrap electrical joints to
make water proof insulate fixtures. When I'm home tonight I'll get the
part number of of it.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA