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Re: 4kq Cruise Problems (Still)

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Huw Powell wrote:

> spinning on the speedo cable or whatever it attaches to, so the raw
> output would be a sine wave with freq. dependent on speed.  faster might
> not make more voltage, just a higher frequency.

	Ahhh.  I spose that makes sense. :-)

> My coupe/4k bentley has it under Engine/Fuel Injection Controls, section
> 22.  Starts with a pretty good skecth of all the bits and some bad
> photos of their locations, then comes the troubleshooting sequence.

	I'll take a look again this weekend. 

> I suspect a bad ground may affect the cc functioning too but I haven't
> dug into that.
> btw, since cleaning my switches, my cruise has worked like clockwork,
> except for one strange anomaly - especially when cold, it will keep a
> speed *lower* than I set it for.  I did toss in the servo from another
> year and model so maybe that is screwing it up but I'm not sure.  That
> is where my ground theory comes in, it may be messing up the read on the
> inductive pickup signal.  swapped control units, same result.  I'm gonna
> swap pumps, too, just for fun.

	Hmmm, did you clean the switches AT the switch out there at the
end of stalk or do you mean the contacts behind the steering wheel Hub
area?  I assume you mean behind the hub.