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RE: 4000 Quattro and other stuff..

I know there's been discussion before on what works better on a 4000Q - 15"
or 16". There are a lot more tires available in 205/50-15 than 215/40-16
(though I hear 225/40-16 is a possibility if the car hasn't been lowered).
I like the 215/40 because it shortens the final drive a bit and provides a
little more wheel well clearance.

Someone a while back  recommended using 15" instead of 16" on the track,
though I don't know if it was because of the lighter weight or the lack of
16" competition tires to fit the 4000Q (I think just the Hoosiers).

I'm currenly running 205/50-15's on 7" rims on my 4000Q, with Dunlop D60's.I
would recommend this tire to anyone looking for an all-season tire to run in
the winter, especially when you're on snowy/icy roads less than 10% of the
time. Definitely do not compare to super sticky summer tires, but work ok if
you pump up the pressures. Clunk pretty bad under hard cornering,though.

I  found a good deal on some BBS 16" rims for the car. So now I'll be using
16x7.5" with Pirelli P7000 Summer (not SuperSport) very soon. 
I don't think the extra few pounds of the 16" wheel vs the 15" should be of
much concern for street use, especially with a stiffened suspension.   The
big disadvantage to the 16" setup is potential damage to  the rims with such
a short stiff sidewall. Do rim protectors, such as on the Toyo T1's, really

I'll post some feedback on how the 16's work vs 15's, although comparing
D60's to any high-performance summer only tire is not really fair.

Gary Kaklikian
86 4kcsq (turbo soon)
86 5kcstq

btw, Tire Rack has the P700's for only $65 in a 205/50-15! 

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On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Martin Pajak wrote:

	Well, Just so you know, I am supporting 15's over 16's.  I was
just playing devils advocate and stating the only disadvantage I can think
of for the 15's.  THere ARE more tires availalbe in 16" sizes for
Performance tires.

> A520's are available in lot's of sizes all the way from 185/60 14 through
> 15 and so on.

	NOt according to Tire Rack.  They only have them in 204/40-16 as
the smallest size.  PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong as I like this tire.
Tell me where to get it in 15" & 14" sizes.
	But, to name a few more  support my point a little, Falken GR-b
(but supposedly this will change), Yoko AVS S-1, the Bridgestone S-02,
Pirelli P7000SS (I like it for a daily driver due to high tread life)
looks like P7000 is now available in 215/50-15 (hmm, guess what, I think
that may go on UR-Q) :-)  As close to the OEM rubber as it gets too. But
better, Uhh, P-Zero Directionale is 16" only, BF-G G-Force TA is 17" only
but I'm SURE this will change.
	But, there are still many GREAT tires to choose from.  Goodyear
F1, Bridgestone RE-71 (my current tire, good but cheap, but fast wear rate
with 140 tread wear), Bridgestone S-01, Yoko AVS, 509, A032R (My next
track tire so I can drive to the track and drive there for Lots of laps
without overheating my street tires), Michelin Pilot SX MXX3, Dunlop 9000,
Toyo F1, T1,   BFG TA ZR.....to name a few.  
	But, as I said, if you know where to fine 520's in 14 & 15" sizes
please speak up.

> If you look at Tire Rack and such they still have A509's and those are
have not
> been made for a long time (so I hear from Yokohama).Going up in size means
> twice in cost.A520's in 205/60 15" are $115 CDN each,  225/50 16" (to keep
> same dia.) are $195 CDN!Kind of costly when you go through a set of tires
in one
> summer.

	Yes, thats a good point I forgot to mention.  And 17's are even

> One thing I noticed with 195/50 on 15" Ronal R8's.
> They do not like put holes.
> The rims do bend easily when there is very little sidewall (also hard
> to protect them (soft aluminium), had to get them fixed twice now.
> Never had this problem with the 14".

	Nope.  Sure dont.  I had that size when I first got the 4kq.  Now
I run 205/50-15 and it is a LITTLE better.  I wouldn't want to go any less
unless you have a VERY strong rally rim. (you can read that as HEavy Rim
if you like) althoguh the Compomotive rims aren't TOO bad considering how
strong they are.