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Re: 120mph??? Yes. And more....

In a message dated 99-03-05 01:42:22 EST, you write:

<< I'm sorry, but I'm not buying in here. Like Bob I run Zs, sometimes Hs on
 older cars. Most times I'm below 80, but sometimes I feel the urge to make
 sure the old dogs will still run. So I check top end, or pretty close
 And getting the sled up to about 130 feels pretty good sometimes.
 	Next week I'll be in Germany. On the Autobahn. With LOTS of other people.
 Most of whom will be running at 100 mph or faster, just like me. And I intend
 to enjoy every moment of it. 
 	I appreciate your concern, but I have a different viewpoint in life. So does
 Bob Myers. Some of us still retain the independent streak that started this

They can write laws that say it's illegal, and tell you in person and in print
that it's immoral and unconciousable, but that doesn't change how I feel in my
mind and my heart.  You can NEVER protect yourself from unanticipated or
unimaginable accidents, BUT you can take every reasonable precaution and
drastically reduce the odds you will become a statistic.  I would also include
frequent visual inspections of tire condition, suspension, and braking
systems.  Also adjusting your speed in inclement weather, traffic, and limited
visiblity.  In no way am I suggesting that anyone else drive like this or even
trying to convince anyone that it is reasonable, mearly sharing issues and
ideas with others who feel as I do.
Jim Accordino