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RE: 120mph??? Yes.

Lots of testing in all conditions, and testing that you might not even think
of.  Porsche for instance did a lot of R&D and testing before coming up with
something as seemingly strait forward as the new 911 Targa glass sliding
roof.  In one test, a German test driver nearly lost an eardrum when he
opened the roof at speed.  The roof motor opened the roof too quickly,
causing a massive pressure change.  Literally popped the drivers ears to the
point that he shut the car down to attend to the pain.  Ouch!

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 67K mi.
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> > Wonder if Audi ever wind tunnel tested the V8 (or any model) for
> > reactions/turbulence "at speed"?????
> Not only in wind tunnels but also on both low and high speed test
> tracks.  More testing than you'd easily believe.  All manufacturers
> do it.  German drivers and an will drive at these speeds - not only
> in flat calms but also in crosswinds.
> Passing your first ever big German truck at 250kph in a crosswind is
> an experience.
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