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Re: 120mph??? Yes. And more....

Mohammed Bhatti <Mohammed.Bhatti@mci.com> writes:
>Just kinda curious.  After the repeal of the federally mandated
>55 mph speed limit on interstate highways, I thought some states
>had scrapped the limit on rural highways.  Was'nt Montana one
>of them?  Are there any states that don't have speed limits on
>there highways?

Montana has no "posted" daytime speed limit. They are the only state that
has no limit. Most other western states are 75 except for CA which has a
70 in rural and 65 everywhere else (55 if the freeway goes through a
downtown area). They were going by the "reasonable and prudent" rule but
AFAIK the rule was struck down but the no limit remains. On the same
note, you'd be lucky to drive over 100 because according to police you
have to be quite an impressive driver AND have the right kind of car (ie.
not a rust bucket) for them to let you go much faster than that.

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