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Re: filth around plugs

> Gerard,
> Is your car running poorly?

Ha! Ha! My car run properly? Ha! Ha! :) Lumpy idle, no power, noisy,
clattering, buggered wastegate, cruddy exhaust manifold. Hard starter,
tends to take a while to idle properly. The plug change on friday evening
helped a bit, but I still need to get some new plug wires (as far as I know
they've never been changed on this car and there is no way in hell that I'm
fitting those crappy things they have at the NAPA stores. I'll spend the
$100 and get the Magnecor from the International Offshore Marine

Any damage in using a colder plug? The one listed for the car has the
number "7", but I took a single electrode plug with a "6".

> I  suppose if there is gunk accumulating at all five plugs this could mean
> there is a problem with all five cylinders.
> Dave C.

My plan is to get the head rebuilt and get new rings onto the pistons.
I also want the lower end of this engine checked. I will go to the store
today and get a 1/2-inch to 1/4-inch adaptor for my torque wrench and
make sure I have the plugs put in correctly since I still use the
"1/2 turn once seal meats head" approach and I might have been doing
that wrong.

I recall that when I got the car one of the cylinders was off a bit
w.r.t pressure, but it was not by much.