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Writing AoA

Do you folks think that there is any hope in getting AoA to help cover the
cost of the tranny replacement in the V8?  We got the car with 45k on it and
at that time it still had warranty coverage.  The second gear syncro would
not function from time to time and would grate when the gear when shifting. 
Not it has 140K on it and is in super shape.  As a lot of you may remember
the tranny not to  long ago.  German Transaxle has it now and said all
syncros are shot as well as the second gear.  To me this seems some what
stupid for a car that was nearl $60,000.  It has never been abused in them
miles we have owned it (who knows about the other owner).  In comparison, a
Toyota Tercel, the car the Audi replaced (nice jump eh?), still had a
wonderful tranny at 150k.  That car new was only $10,000.  What do you all
think?  Should I try to get AoA to cover part if not all of the tranny work?

BTW, the T200Q had its tranny replaced around 40 or 50K, under warranty. 
What is it with these trannies? 

Any suggestions????

Thanx, Shayne.