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Re: Limerock BMW hpd school - April 23

Kwattro@aol.com wrote:

> Being the diligent BMWCCA and QCUSA member that I am, I thought I'd let
> everyone know that there is a BMW high performance driving school at Limerock
> Park, CT (Lakeville) on April 23, 1999.  I'll be there with the new coupe, I
> have entry forms if anyone is REALLY serious about going (I'm not going to
> send one to everyone on the list!)  but general registration begins on March
> 12 (Friday) and these schools fill up quickly.  Unlike the quattro schools,
> you have to provide your own helmet, and the cars are a lot faster.  My
> roommate  (91 GTI) and I (86 Coupe GT) are going, my father is instructing me
> (924S, should be.  Maybe 944TS or M5) and if anyone wants to caravan,  we can
> pick them up along the way.  Should be a fun day, the BMW guys are actually
> pretty cool (they know ALL about Ur-Q's....)
> Let me know soon if you want to go...
> Carter J
> Kwattro@aol.com
> 86 4000CSQ
> 86 Coupe GT
> 84 GTI

Watch out and don't get run over by my relative Victor in his yellow RX7  all
redone for upcoming driving school season. He just got 18 by 10 wheels and a new

Mike Z