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Subject: UFO brakes

John Cassidy wrote:
Thanks all for the wealth of info on these brakes.  Mark Connors even
sent a picture, so now I know what the aleins look like.  BTW, I checked
with the local dealer and prices are:

rotors:  $425 each
pads     $174 (4 pads)

that makes a front brake job $1024 minimum for a do it your selfer!  I
can justify it by subtracting my purchase price of $10,900 from the
origonal list of $42,000 and call it a mere pitance...
As a data point:  audi spec'd UFO pads can be purchased from Rod at
thepartsconnection.com @ $105 (btdt)... others have had custom pads made for
similar prices, in their choice of pad compound.  The pads are likely _not_
audi specific, although the rotors are...
and rotors can be purchased at a substantial discount from Linda at Carlson
Audi in California (mention the quattro internet list for the discount).
Check the vender's list off the quattro list home page:
chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com