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RE: Sprongle's S2 coupe

I was working the finish control for stage 13 on Sunday (the stage with the
BIG pileup of 2wd cars).  Sprongl ran the first 3 stages, which were covered
with 4 - 6" of snow, on gravel rally tires, and was starting 2nd behind the
Kiwi's.  When Geoff Argyle came into the control,. Sprongl was only about 20
seconds behind him, and they were using 2 minute intervals (this was a 6
miles stage)!!!  Frank was just flat out flying, and when I asked them how
it was going, they said "it's great!"  The next time through, when the stage
was run backwards, they had the snow tires on, and had even bigger grins =).
Unfortunately I didn't get to see the donuts, as I was towing cars out late
into the night, but I did see that Frank had nicely resurfaced the parking
lot for the hotel, as did Argyle ;-).

-mark nelson

> Ok, watching a 1998 Speedvision rally in the desert (where it snowed!) and
> S2 of Frank had the only snow tires in the entire field.  Using his
> Sprogle made up a deficit to win the race.  But the wild part - at the
end, he
> drove off the podium and started doing DONUTS with the car.  Not one, not
> The camera faded with him still spinning on one tire (3 smoking..) after
> probably 10 revolutions.   Nuts.
> Pure Nuts.
> Pretty cool, though.
> Later!
> Carter J
> Kwattro@aol.com