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Re: oversteer vs. understeer

Bob wrote:
> Trisha Blethen wrote:
> >
> >
> > No....ask Ray....he's had several front end impacts racing and one rear
> > end to.  He was VERY sore after the rear end impact ....more so than the
> > impact where he destroyed the Capri at NHIS head on into the wall.
> > Granted the car faired better, but his neck (even with the neck brace)
> > did not.  For a matter of fact.....of the two broken necks that I have
> > seen at NHIS.....both were rear end impacts into the wall....one was Bob
> > Roth in a spec racer and the last one was Tom Bolles at the last Busch
> > North race last year.  In a rear end hit, your head is travellin forward
> > first then SNAPPED back....thus crushing your vertebrae.  In a front
> > impact, your head travels forward, but goes back much gentler.  Very
> > bizarre, but true.
> >
> Ill bet the car has a lot to do with it. It must. I had a frontal
> collision at about 120 in a formula atlantic in mosport.. hit a wall
> (glancing). That REALLY REALLY sucked. Broke a lot of things on that
> one. (arm, legs, shoulder, ribs, ego)  In Montreal I backed into another
> car (in a multi car) at about 140 in a can am. (Target was at a complete
> stop) I walked away. Was sore as hell, but NOTHING like the frontal.
> Bob
Ok, smartass  :), you got me there,.......but you must admit, I DID have
a point.....eh????? Now, I wonder if it makes a diff if you go off "THE
HILL"  (washington) frontwards or backwards......I hope the hell we all
NEVER find out.