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Re: Audi

R Justin Andrews wrote:
> I must state my though on the subject....
> I have bottomed out my 5ks and dented the drain pan but a pan that cracks
> and she's not even sure how she did this I would think should be replaced..
> Not that I like to go speed bump hopping but this is not the first
> occurence of drain pans cracking that I have heard of on the newer A models
> I don't recall hearing about cracked oil pans on older models and I understand
> they are using different materials but you would think Audi would make
> the oil pan a ltillt stronger and or/protected from these type of things..


I would think the best way to determine what the cause of the crack is,
is to look at the pan.  If there are no big twanks, dings or gashes in
it then I would tend to believe it's a bad pan.

Just my thought.

Pat Korach
 Kirkland, WA