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Re: 87 5kcsq Radio and misc other problems

In a message dated 99-03-23 18:11:26 EST, you write:

<< Isn't the fuel pick-up at the bottom of the tank? Seems that whatever is
 present at the bottom will be picked up regardless of fuel level...though the
 dilution ratio of crud to fuel will perhaps change.
 Wont there be less "water and garbage" in the fuel (from the filled fuel, not
 the tank itself shedding liner crap into the fuel) if the tank is fully
 replenished rather than diluted over time?
 The only reason I can see to keep a tank partially full is to keep an in-tank
 fuel pump (such as in the type 44) immersed and thus cooled by the fuel.
I believe that the amount of crud in the tank is equal to the amount of crud
in the tank, period.  The pickup is so close to the bottom of the tank that
everything except stones will be sucked up.  I have seen numerous "premature"
fuel pump failures and now ALWAYS ask how full they keep their tank.  My wife
had a habit of running with only about 1.5-4 gallons of gas.  I now believe
that the cooling effect MUST be signifigant.  Ever stick your arm in the tank
on a hot day?  Any thoughts?

My $.02
Jim Accordino