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Re: Aussie Audi Nut Visits USA/Canada

At 07:19 AM 3/26/99 -0800, Neil Trama wrote:
>Hi All,
>	I will be visiting your countries from mid April to mid May 1999,
>taking in Hawaii, then LA, then NY, then Boston, then touring into
>Canada as far as Prince Edward Island. 
>	The reason for the Email is to ask for recommendations on the best Audi
>related places to visit while there. (Parts places, Clubs, Motorsport
>Stuff, even performance workshops etc etc etc)
>	My main focus is race and rally so your help would be greatly

april 30 - may 1, rim of the world prorally, palmdale, california (less
than 1.5 north of downtown la)
usually rui brasil and ron wood are running their 4wd open class quattros.