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Re: Steering Wheel Shimmy

Maybe your subframe bushings are toast? Tie rod ends bad?

On the alignment: Has anyone ever actually seen the rack centering tool
used? I asked M&M if they had used it and it turns out they don't own
one. They "count turns lock to lock". This sounds sketchy to me. Should
I buy the tool and make them use it? They supposedly will re-align my
'88 5kcstq for free since it still pulls to the right.

> Other Symptons:
> -Even with the allignment the car tends to pull slightly to the left.
> -I feel a very very very slight play in the steering wheel at high speed
> (without braking)
> -The steering wheel is slightly tilted to the right.
> Any help is appreciated.......before I lose my mind.
> Vince
> '90 200q