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RE: Metrinch?

I'll stick my neck out on this one.  I would have really appreciated this
info myself, so I'll throw this out for others.

I picked up the 62 piece Metrinch to replace a stolen set of Craftsman
sockets.  The insurance settlement covered the set and then some, and I had
30 days to ship the suckers back if they turned out to be junk, so I had
little to lose.

There are pros and cons to the tool.  The slop is a little awkward.  You
pretty much need to hold the socket or extension while you turn to keep the
socket positioned, at least until you get it started.  I've found this to be
the case with my other tools as well though.  Otherwise the socket slips, or
the bolt turns backward once loose etc.  Hasn't been a huge issue for me.

The non-domestic construction was a bit of a glitch for me, but honestly,
I've broken half a dozen Craftsman sockets made right here in the USA.  I
haven't broken anything from the Metrinch set.  A thin walled socket that's
cut to a sharp angle internally is going to be weak at that point - that's
where all mine snapped....  The Metrinch sockets don't have points, so the
wall is simply not as thin, and doesn't have a "score" line in the metal to
facilitate a crack/break.  Make your own judgement on that one, but I'm
convinced that improves their resistance to snapping at the side wall.


The ratchet direction switch seems a little cheezy.  Does the job though,
and the lock button really does lock the socket on the wrench.

The 10mm wrench is almost too small to do any serious leverage work.
Annoying.  The absence of flat edges also prevents you from doing the "just
barely get the wrench on the nut then turn" technique.  The kinda thing
you'd do to get a battery bolt loose.

The wobble extension is awesome!  If you press it hard into the socket, the
wobble locks out, making rigid fit - pull back an 1/8th of an inch and it
returns to wobble - slick.

The little round spinner thumb ratchet gizmo is great.  Super handy for trim
screws, nuts and small jobs (like getting to the screws in the dash speakers
where you have exactly 2 inches of clearance from the windshield).

As for the design itself, I think it's really clever.  I heard the comment
that "no wrench grips the points of a nut" but I've rounded off enough nuts
to think otherwise.  Could be true - maybe most wrenches don't grip the
points, but they sure round the sh*t out of them as the "slide" by - usually
taking my knuckle skin off in the process.  Hasn't happened with the
Metrinch.  The recent discussion of oil drain plugs was a great example.
I've been using the Metrinch 19mm wrench on the box end to get the drain
plug out of my car.  There's absolutely NO WAY that it can physically round
this nut.  You would have to sheer off the WHOLE corner of each point of the
nut to do so.  And even if the points were already damaged, I could still
get it off with a one of these wrenches.  I've tried it, they work.
Further, the recent discussion of Flare End wrenches - same issue.  There's
no way I could round over a point with these wrenches.  This alone makes
them worth having in my book.

The cross over convenience of Metric/Standard is great, the portability is
excellent (half the size of my Craftsman socket set, and this one includes
wrenches!).  10mm could be better, a little awkward at times, but generally,
I think they're handy tools for the money and convenience.

All usual disclaimers - not a disgruntled ex-Sears employee, not stalking
Bob Villa, no affiliation with Metrinch etc...

Dan Sinclair
1988 Audi 90, 68K mi.
Photo and details online at:

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Just curious... has anyone seen and/or tried these Metrinch tools?

I first saw them on an infomercial (that alone should tell me to stay
and then keyed up their web site (I assumed the usual... www.metrinch.com).

Conceptually, they look like a good set to have. (They fit both metric and
bolts, and as well, stripped nuts/bolts because they grip the walls, not the
points, of the nut/bolt.) If they are of good quality, and work the way they
designed (and as well as they show in the infomercial), it would be a great
to have in the trunk... for roadside emergencies and for use at the track.
perhaps as a decent set in the garage?)

I didn't spend a lot of time at their website... I saw enough on T.V.... but
did see that they are made in Taiwan. That alone almost makes me want to
(due to perceived quality control shortcomings of some products eminating
there). (Note:Apologies to any Taiwanese... please take no offense... yada,
yada, yada...).

If no one has bought a set, maybe I can get $$ donations to be the guinea
for the group!! :-) (I'm kidding!!)

Q-list: Please CC: me on any responses... I'm only still lurking the
(albeit just about daily).

Syncro List: Due to reduced volume... I'm still with ya!! :-)


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