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Re: tailpipe/kitty questions

>One....one....one pipe or two...., that is the question!

No that's not _the_ question. The question was about things such as
emissions testing to detect failing converter and availability of
aftermarket replacement cat converters. :-)

As to the other question: Note that I have one tailpipe that's deathly
black, the other is light grey. Not easy to interpret that in terms of
anything other than a completely divided exhaust system, IMHO.


>>A while back, I recall Brett stating that the appearance of the two
>>tailpipes of his '91 200q differed significantly. I believe this led to
>>discussion about a possible problem with one of the cat converters. Was
>>this ever resolved, Brett?
>Nope.  The car stopped rattling, and no one clearly told me if the
>system remained divided throughout. Two pipes go into the last
>muffler unit, but the biggie was whether the unit has two cavities
>that are separated, or if the two pipes simply enter into one single
>chamber and then exit via two.  I suspect that there is no legitimate
>reason to separate the two(and it might cost more to do so), but
>still, perhaps gas from the left side tends to come out the left side
>of the muffler and the gas from the right side tends to come out the
>right side.
>One of the cats in my car was replaced at least 20-30k ago.  I have
>no idea what this means, if anything.
>Also, it should be noted that the specs for the 200q20v list as a
>performance feature, "dual free-flow catalytic converters"...so I
>don't know what effect 3rd party converters would have.
>Brett Dikeman
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