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re: crankshaft oil seal questions...

You're kidding!  It's frustrating that with all the resources of archives,
tech lists, (like Chris's) and FAQ capabilities, we don't have a better
avenue toward "best practices" for common procedures.

r&r of the front oil seal took me about 20 minutes, using the archived
recommendation of removing the oil pump and punching the seal out from
behind.  Piece of cake.  You have to replace the oil pump gasket, now, but
surely that's worth saving an hour and a half.

Press the new one on with a suitably sized length of pvc pipe, driven by the
crank bolt over a jumbo sized washer, home depot, about $1.00 in parts.

Brandon Hull
'91 ersatz S2

>Hi Chris;

>    I spent 2 hours using various picks, files, and tools. Next >time I'll
>have the seal puller.

>> Is the special removal tool from Zelenda worth having, or have people
>> successful pulling it without using that tool?  I've seen people post
>> spending 2 hours