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RE: G60 brake conversion on '90 90Q20v

Just as Brendan Rudack has mentioned, use of that rotor will require the
caliper to be backspaced. I think Brendan told me a couple of years ago that
this rotor has a hat size of approx 28 mm. You may want to try the rotor
from a 5000tq as it has a smaller hat size (22 mm) and may work. Or be too
far off in the other direction. Re-drilling the rotor for 4 bolts if it
works is not a big deal.


> Hi All,
> I need the correct front rotor for conversion of my 1990 Audi 90 Q 20v
> sedan front brakes to the G60's found on the 90-91 CQ and 200 TQ.  I
> have calipers/carriers that I purchased from Chris Semple,
> but the front
> rotors (8A0 615 301 C...spec'd for a 90-91 CQ) require washers to
> backspace the carrier to accommodate the rotor offset.  Not an
> appropriate conversion, IMO.