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Re: NH tech day

   >One other thing I learned-- I need a torque wrench.  Turns out you gotta
   >torque the wheel lugs to 90 ft-lb... well, how was I to know?  So, I drove
   >over to Sears to price 'em and they carry two that appear good: a 5-80 ft-lb
   >one for $90 and a 25-250 ft-lb for $100.  I'm leaning toward the smaller
   >one and just torquing the lugs a bit under-spec.  Is there any reason to
   >get the larger one?  all advice appreciated....

   For a $10 difference why even consider the smaller one?  The longer handle

How about for cam bearing cap bolts that want 11 lb-ft? Those suckers can
be _remarkably_ easy to shear off . . .