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RE: 4kq rear muffler

	YOu could just Call Summit Racing at  (800)230-3030  and order a
Dynomax Super Turbo Muffler.  Will make the car a little louder but with
the Center Resonator in place its great.  Without (Like my car) its a
little on the loud side when you get on it hard.
	Anyhow, its only $29 for the muffler.  16" Offset inlet/outlet is
what you want.  2.25 or 2.5".   I used 2.5" and then when my piping wears
out 2.5" piping up to the Cat is going in for better flow.
	Then just have a good shop install it for you.

Well, I,ve called all the parts dealers around and none of them have an
original equipment rear muffler listed for an 87 4kcsq.
        Has anyone used the Blaufergnugen,$159., 4kq exhaust? Midas has to
special order one at $215., but it is warranted for life.
        Are there anymore sources out there besides an original Audi pipe?  

	Todd Phenneger
	1985 4000 quattro / silver / daily driver
	1983 ur-q / black / fixing it up
	1984 4000 quattro / modified/ awaiting Turbo Transplant.
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