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Re: anyone know about quality problems with white paint at thefactory?

In my experience, pearl effect paints require two trips through the paint
booth to achieve the effect and deliver a quality finish (or at least they
used to...).  Hence the higher price to compensate for the two paint jobs in
one, and the scheduling confusion that is caused at the assembly plant to
pull these vehicles out of production sequence and reintroduce them back
into the process.  HTH.

Richard Steckly

Minor Snippage
> >i heard that they were discontinuing the pearl because it was very
> >expensive and it required some elaborate and environmentally damaging
> >chemical process...?  certainly they made tons of beautiful pearl cars
> >in the last dozen yrs, so didn't seem to be a quality issue before...
> The paint is mixed with powered mica, I think. I don't see how it can be
> that much different in applying than a regular paint job.
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