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FW: European Car issue

The uh, bright red was more of a pearl or silver but it sits with an
impressive bunch... 930 Turbo Carrera... Lambo Miura... well deserved
placement for a true 'real world' performance car.  The best part was the
'Get Technical' article on page 170 about the TT and Quattro in general.
Read that all the way through and the accompanying side bar re racing and
Audi Quattros and that will really define the 'Paradigm Shift' that we all
have experienced as quattro drivers. Great issue of a great magazine!!

Buy it or be square!

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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Anyone seen the newest EC?  Holy cow!  They had done "best buys" the
months before, now they're doing "ultra buys", ie, cars that are
expensive to buy+maintain, but worth every penny

Ferrari,  Lotus, BMW's M5("sheep in wolf's clothing"),  an older MB
500E, and waaaay in the back...a bright red S4.

They had no shortage of praise for the S4 in the intro article; this
month was about the 500E though, and had some nice info about MB
tuners and the history of MB's sporty sedans(inc. the 6.5L V8 sedan
from the 60's; now that's a big engine!  I actually saw one of these
on the way home from work yesterday.  The "6.5" badge and the deep
noise from the exhaust pipe on acceleration, audible even with the
windows up, gave me a clue there was something special under that

Though they didn't outright say it in the summary, the S4 was
probably the car they kept referring to with "some are more reliable
than others" and similar, and it is probably the cheapest in the lot
excepting the old M5.

Keep watching...#2(next month?) will probably be the S4.  I'm
somewhat surprised that the M5 was called the wolf in sheep's
clothing; it's just like an S4, and the S4 is probably a much more
"mysterious" car(ie, less people know what an S4 is.)

Brett Dikeman
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