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99 VW Audi Fest 99

Sunday I visited the National Audi Fest @ Volkswagen of America
Headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI.   I was disappointed at the weak Audi
showing.  I believe I only counted 6 being judged with about an equal
amount in the parking lot. If you were into the air cooled VWs, it was
definitely the place to be.    
I believe the white 5KCSTQ was a listers vehicle.  I wanted to talk to
the owners to find out if they were, but they were gone except for a
group of empty 1st class Audi chairs.  I should have brought my Audi,
but I didn't consider mine exceptional being basically stock (except the
wheels) and cracked leather seats. Besides I had to leave the Audi for
my daughter.  She considers it a must drive since the addition of the
Pioneer stereo system and trunk CD changer.  So I drove my beater car.

Rene Curry
84 5KST
71 Chevelle 4 door (beater)
96 GMC Safari (Embarrassed)