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Re: Test Drive of 94 S4 black/black aka "Brady Mobile"

After reading your mail, I drove it this evening.  Yeah, a nice car,
and those first 3 gears are a great time.  Met him at the train so
didn't get to see what was "under the cover."  Oh well...

Just a couple of things to add:

(1) A/C doesn't work.  The owner swears it did last week.  Compressor
turns on, and flaps seem to be moving.  Recharge?  Worse?

(2) Going to 2nd at 3000+RPM, the stick shakes noticably.  Does this
mean anything?

(3) At stop, turning the steering wheel all the way from one side to
the other results in a "clunk-clunk" sound (sound occurs only once per
full turn).  Owner seems to think this is a tie-rod.  I would think
something related to strut tower, but I am guessing at best.

Whatever the clunk-clunk is, the car seems to handle well at low
speeds.  At 60+MPH, the car seems to glide a little side-to-side.  Not
much, just a little.  Could this be related to the clunk-clunk?

If anyone has a good reference for a front end and A/C diagnosis for
this car in the Boston area, I'd appreciate it.  I'll probably pay for
an S4-aware mechanic to check it out. 

I do think the price is a bit steep -- especially considering the '93
that Andrew Seward just posted.  Wish I was in the "Central Time Zone"
Andrew.  You may want to tell the rest of the list what town/state.

>Went to check it out at lunch today, all in all a very nice S4.
>Why is there no boost gauge in these cars ?  silly....
>It certainly felt quick as hell to me,  the first 3 gears are 
>a lot of fun :-)
>Ok, here's some specific's:
>black/black 93k miles 
>factory wheels 3 fulda's and one goodyear tire,
>I didn't notice till after I drove it, and it drove 
>great so there ya go...
>Exterior is nice, no swirl's in paint which would be are very noticeable
>in black,  found one door ding, not bad, no break in paint, Driver rear 
>quarter has new paint, it was a pro job, not a hint of
>dirt in the paint, doesn't look damaged, just re-painted.
>Interior clean and well maintained, little bit o wear on drivers
>seat, nothing unusual for 93 k miles.  It's got the factory CD player
>in the trunk.
>Body structure was nice and tight, suspension appears stock, some 
>rear bushings have been replaced.  he had mentioned he thought it had
>aftermarket shocks cause it was stiff...
>He drives a lexus...... any more need be said ?  I think not.
>It was certainly worth the money guy's, it appears to be un-modified
>and well maintained.  He also mentioned there is negotiating room 
>on the price :-)
>Also,  Rietzel serviced it and they're willing to hand over the 
>service records from day one if ya want 'em.  I certainly would
>do this.
>FYI,  if ya check it out, ask him to show you what's under the 
>car cover :-)
>Regards from the local Audi Test Driver....
>Mike L.
>90 V8
>91 V8
>The twin Bamboo/Tan V8's had him going.... I drove the 91 today
>and he kept looking at with a puzzled look..... I finally told him
>I have twins :-)
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