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Re: Women and the road

Yeah, Dee.  He got us both.  You as a woman and me as a bald-headed old
fart of a geriatric patient.  :-)  Guess maybe we oughta be stripped of our
Audis and moved into a rest home, huh?  Oh.  I forget.  (See?  I _am_
getting older).  *I'm* the one for the rest home.  You're s'posed to be
pregnant in summer and barefoot in winter and standing by your man.  Or
sumpin' like that.  :-)

At 03:47 PM 5/29/99 EDT, you wrote:
>First of all, I took the liberty of cleaning up your quote Bill, because I 
>don't think anyone wants to see all that HTML again... 
><<one of the reasons that we (the audi enthusiasts) dont feel that women (or 
>elderly) are good drivers is because they dont take as much pleasure in 
>driving as we do. For them, and other distracted drivers, the drive is an 
>inconvience, not a joy."
>just my .02 
>Bill Serencsits-Wls11@scasd.k12.pa.us
>1981 4k 5+5 192k -my baby>>
>I guess I wasn't here when you were elected spokesperson for all Audi 
>enthusiasts. This is almost too absurd to respond to but since I have
>better to do and since I don't see any other female listers piping up, I'll 
>take this on, why not? 
>Here's my problem with what you and some other listers wrote on this
>As soon as you lump groups of people together, you immediately and 
>automatically do a disservice to at least some members of that group.
>it be women, Seniors, young drivers or members of different races. 
>Sure, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But, whether you preface 
>the sentence with "only my opinion" or follow it with "not a flame," know 
>that you've made an inflammatory remark and be prepared for the consequences.
>95A6q pearl
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