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RE: [syncronized] Fw: VW Comments


A few of the syncro/quattro Passats DID show.  Unfortunately, they weren't
available FS.  Check out some stealth photos on the scottvw.com site.

I guess VWoA/AoA didn't want to actually MEET some of the demand we have
here for new AWD vehicles.  It's better just to piss off the real
enthusiasts and go for the masses...

Did see a 1999 GLX at the dealer last weekend.  They weren't supposed to
exist w/o syncro.  Kind of funny how these decisions seem to take forever as
far as we're concerned, yet the final product takes but a matter of months
to be changed.  I still have my Order sheets for the 1999 GLX syncro from
May 98.  It took them until Oct/Nov? to decide that the syncro wouldn't
come.  And now GLX fwd are at the dealers...  An optimist would think that
the GLS 1.8t or 2.8 may be available with the 5spd and 4-motion...  Yeah,
right.  I see the hydraulics of the Haltech as HALF EMPTY...

Derek Daily
86.5 VW qsw
90 CQ

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> From:	Jim Griffin [SMTP:JGriff@pobox.com]
> Here's the response I got back from VW about the Syncro/4-Motion (Quattro)
> versions of the Golf, Jetta, Passat coming here anytime soon.
> Looks like we have to wait until next year. I wouldn't hold your breath,
> though... :-)