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RE: ETKA install problem

Todd Young is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks a million, your file has worked a treat, i can now stop tearing my
hair out.
Thnaks again

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From: Todd Young [mailto:tyoung@wamnet.com]
Sent: 10 June 1999 13:22
To: Iain Atkinson (ETL)
Subject: Re: ETKA install problem

I assume you are running it on a Windows NT machine? 
If so, copy the attached file to the "et_prog" directory on your hard drive.
Replace the one that is already there. 

"Iain Atkinson (ETL)" wrote: 

Hi all, 

Can anyone shed any light on how to get round a problem I am having with 
installing etka, I am coming up with the hardlock not being installed and 
being told to install it from the cd rom. Problem is I have downloaded this 
from the net and don't have the cd rom. Can someone please give me some 
advice on to get this thing sussed? Is it really worth having? 




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