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Re: Question: 80Q "limited slip" center diff doesn't limit slip...

>>The wheel in the air spun free as =
>> the care came to a stop and started rolling *backwards* until the fourth
>> wheel hit the gound again (and then made a lot of noise and smoke 8-)
> This doesn't match my understanding of "limited slip" which is this:

"Fun with T*rsens installment 6-18-99"
IME- my '91cq has T*rsen- if both wheels on any 1 axle have traction, you
will proceed to move.  But with 1 wheel on each axle with no traction, you
go nowhere.  I can replicate this just pulling into my driveway- it is
very steep so there is a sharp angle with the street.  Can balance just
right so wheels at opposite corners are in the air- car goes nowhere.
Hit the rear diff lock, and drive into the garage.
Of course, the front doesn't lock, so if both rears are traction-less,
you are SOL unless both fronts have good traction.
An EDL-equipped car _should_ take all the fun out of this.

Matt Rooke