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Re: Audi 5kcstqw Turbo Problem

In message <006901bebacf$712ca360$cbf12299@connerb.rayovac.com> "Daniel Hussey" writes:

> BTW, My '89 200 is also only producing 1.2 bar or boost.  I am going to be
> checking out everything Scott says could be the culprit when I have more
> time.

Be prepared for some surprises.  Roger Galvin's 200TQ was only making
1.2 bar, so we started fixing things.  First was the inlet air temperature
sender, second was the Hall sender alignment, ...

When we reached a reliable 1.5 bar, the Michelin man hose gave up. When
we replaced that, we got a reliable 1.6 bar for two weeks - then the
long hose under the single-pass intercooler gave way at the sleve joint.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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