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LT-1Q WWW Site Updated!

For anyone who's mildly or wildly curious about the status of the LT-1Q
conversion project I have just updated (redone) the web site.  Please note
these are all new pictures as I play around with a new digital camera.  I
will be re-doing the initail site (now called Phase 1) and re-adding it in
the near future, so for now all that's up there is a little text and a TON
of pics about the time spent in Phase 2.  For those curious Phase 3 will be
the test firing through first drive, and Phase 4 fixing whatever broke in
Phase 3...


I am getting excited and hope to make at least an apperance with it at
Blackhawk, only time will tell.

Bob Dupree
	84 UrQ
	93 LT-1Q - getting closer!
	77 Dodge Colt Rally Car - running and a total BLAST to drive