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Re:Transmission swap


	Do you know how well the turbo car was maintained? If not you may be 
going through a lot of work for not much in return. Replacing a dead trans 
with one that's going to lay down and die in anout 5K miles isn't a wise move.
	Inspect the turbo trans carefully. Drop the pan and look carefully 
for debris in the bottom. Less is better.
	See if someone (local) can flush the torque converter. Look carefully 
at the t.c., if the nose is darkened from heat you don't want it.
	Do you plan to use the final drive from the turbo car as well? It 
will probably have a different final drive ratio, one not suited to you 
engine. Whichever final drive you use make sure to inspect it as well. The 
final drives seem to be the main problem for the Audi/VW/Porsche auto trans. 
The gear oil "boils out" and the trans stiffens up and overheats. That puts 
more strain on the trans and finally it dies first, but the final drive is 
cooked as well. Be sure to replace the gear oil with synthetic while you have 
access to it. It can reduce temps in the final drive, plus is resistent to 
high heat and will not cook out.
	Go ahead and spend a couple extra bucks for the synthetic auto trans 
fluid also, it helps keep heat down in the trans.
	We use both and change them out at 15K miles. Yeah, I know, Audi says 
it's supposed to last a lifetime. But I've quit believing them in some areas.