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Re: sub lists

> the real problem with the archive is that it searches digests.  it is painfully

Not true.  This is the way the archives work:

- individual posts are collated into a monthly archive
- at the same time, individual posts are also added to a daily archive
- daily archives are peridoically deleted and are just temporary files

There are two ways to search the archives:
- lwgate (web) interface allows you to view current and past messages
on an indivudal or by-thread basis
- search engine which looks for and brings up the big monthly files
containing posts

The challenge is to:
- maintain the lwgate functionality so you can browse current messages
via the web in an organized manner
- be able to search individual messages.  For example, in the search line if
I type "dans+CQ+climate" I should get a list of all the posts detailing
my climate control issues

To do this, I need to keep the "big monthly chunk files" for browsing,
but split the chunks into individual messages so that the search engine
can find a relevant document.

I had begun this process prior to the move, but with school and a new
job, I got stuck.  And, since this is fairly technical work involving 
the server (unix stuff), it's not something I can easily delegate.

I am committed to getting this up very soon.  That is one piece of
the puzzle.

The other piece is that I have tons of "howto" and technical FAQ summaries
that need to be cleaned up /collated/html'd.  

I am starting a document on the web site to detail tasks involved
and how everyone can help.  Stay tuned.

> in the meantime, does anybody know anything about
> good free listserver search/archive software?  in a quick scan of a Linux list
> or two turned up a few things, generally add-ins that sit on top of a standard
> listserver/majordomo.  but real world experience using one is the key....

Um, duh, been working on it.  The solution is called wilma and glimpse.
Like I said, stay tuned.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes