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RE: 87 4KQ engine problems


Check the NTC Temp sensor Immediately! You risk destroying the catalytic
converter. BTDT. To find the sensor, follow the upper radiator hose to the
cylinder head and look on the bottom of the manifold to which the hose is

Sensor should be less than $35... the cat will cost $$$.


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> Subject: 87 4KQ engine problems
> My 4KQ which used to run perfectly has suddenly developed a problem.
> Yesterday morning it started quickly (as usual) but instead of the
> smooth hum of the inline-5, I noticed a huge plume of blackish smoke
> from the tail pipe, plus what seemed like an inline-3 under the hood.
> The idle is now erratic, the exhaust is black and smells of
> gas and the
> spark plugs are sooty. I guess it's running very rich. On the highway,
> things seem to improve - the engine is much smoother and there is no
> apparent loss of power or pick-up, except occasionally it
> feels like it
> cuts out for a fraction of a second.