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Re: My 86 4000 CS Quattro

> > Unknown to me at that time, my CV joint is fine... all it needs is a new
> > boot.  I'm planning to have all 4 done at once.
> I recommend "if it ain't broke... don't fix it" when it comes to CV boots.
> They are all independent of one another, so you don't save any $$$ by
> lumping these in with other repairs.  Just keep an eye on them.

Dunno - it;s easier to do the inners at the same time as the outers;
it's easier to do the second side when all the tools are handy.  I
suppose it depends on what the others look like.  

Anyway, aren't there about 20 CV boots on a q?  You guys have more
driveshafts than I've got tires...

Huw Powell

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