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-->> my type44 factory spoiler <<--

Fellow qlisters,

I just video captured off some images of my '89 200 quattro turbo avant
and posted to my site. I know that there has been some talk of what type
of front spoiler can bolt up to the type44 front end, so here is my
solution. I solved this low cost spoiler option with some vintage
'78-'82 Audi 5KS turbo "spoiler'ettes", as I call them. Found a few at
my local VT yard laying half buried in the VT dirt, for about $5 bucks
each and they cleaned up well. They fit nice and look factory installed.
The bolt holes even line up with the OEM ones on the type44!  I wish
that you could have seen these had I gone to Mt Washington Hillclimb.
Last minute plans called for family duties.

   http://www.thompsonsmith.com/200.jpg  (187k)

...and for those interested, here is my new super zoomy Porsche I just
bought from the original owner in AZ. (Dave Head...are you reading
   http://www.thompsonsmith.com/944.jpg  (138k)

I sold my 20v'er to a HUGE TSD rally enthusiast, Fred Mapplebeck in NH
-> new NH license plate reads "CHKPNT". Cool.
   http://www.thompsonsmith.com/90.jpg  (137k)

Thompson Smith        http://www.thompsonsmith.com
1987 Porsche 944 / 1989 Audi quattro avant "S6'er"