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My 86 4000 CS Quattro

Greg Wolters <GJWArch@95959.com> wrote:

"I apparently need (2) rear strut housings, tie rods, front and rear
The cost for parts is $1450.00.  The total price with $420.00 labor, a 4

wheel alignment and tax is $2070.00."

DOH! I mean Dough! Like major Greenbacks!

Greg, how mechanically inclined are you? Used rear strut housings are
common for this car, and might set you back $75 - $100 each, and are
easily replaced with instructions from your friends here. My problem
with this, is that for these components to be so structurally damaged to
warrant replacement, what condition is the rest of the car? If you do
not know, take it to a body shop and find out. If the whole car is bent,
and you like quattros, buy another 4KQ -$3K- and use this one for parts.

Other holes in your mechanics line: 1). your alignment is affected by
the ball joints, but I doubt _all_ four require replacement. Mine have
240 K mi.; 2.) your alignment will be affected by the control arm
bushings, which are notoriously short lived, and he does not mention
this critical item. Which, BTW, can be replaced - all eight - for less
than $30 in parts from Rod @TPC.; and 3). he neglects to mention another
critical suspension component, the strut bearing, which is also cheap,
and is easily replaced during this procedure.

Now, if you have $2K laying around just begging to be spent, and you
decide to do this yourself, take the money saved and get some decent
springs/shocks - $700 - and some decent replacement tires - $400. You
might even have a couple of bucks left to get a doorhandle or two. HTH.

Craig Lebakken

1986 4KQ 240K mi, TSW Imola 16 x 7.5 x 40mm, 2B coilover/Koni yellow +
misc other worthwhile "improvements".