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Power window switches - Illumination

Some of my power window switches have lost there illumination.
Although they still function, it is annoying to see them go
out.  I bought a replacement from a dealer recently and it
seems much brighter than the rest(on par with a new A4, etc.).
This is even more annoying because you can see this one during
the day it's so bright.  I took Kirby Smith's advice and
soldered in a 1Kohm resister in with a new LED(smallest I could
find a Radio Shack, although it did not say mini).  This worked
although it is as bright as the originals, not the new

-part number on original switch - 893-959-855-01C
-replacement part number - 4AO-959-855-A-01C (this one is also
not as

What is going on here?  It seems that the illumination was
never as bright as this replacement switch.  Do I have to go
around and replace every switch, now that I've seen the dream



'95 S6