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1988 Model 80 Quattro, 5 cylinder, stalling occasionally at stops

Hello and thanks for providing this list.

I own a 1988 Model 80 Quattro, 5 cylinder. For the past few months I have
been having problems with it stalling out when I come to a stop. The local
repair shop I have taken it to for years is having trouble finding the
cause of the problem. They have changed out the micro switch, which was
showing an error. They have replaced the computer module the micro switch       attaches to. They have tried a new stall stablizer and have adjusted the
air plates. They have also changed the fuel richness. Nothing seems to
correct the problem.

The vehicle doesn't always stall out when depressing the clutch and
coming to a stop but frequently enough that I don't dare let the kids
drive it. It always starts right back up without problem. It will stall
whether the A/C is on or off. I have noticed that on cooler days with
more humidity it stalls less frequently than hot days with low humidity.

Does anyone have suggestions I could provide the repair shop with so I
can get this problem resolved?

Thanks again for any information provided and for providing this site
to ask questions.

Doug Beattie - dbb@linkexplorer.com
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