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ECS light blink then bouncing idle then air flow potentiometer code??

    OK scene of the crime:
Driving down the road about a mile away from home.  Engine warming up.  Slow
down for a corner where a construction vehicle is, so about 20mph, car
shifts down into second, ECS light blinks once, idle becomes erratic and
bouncing exactly the same way if the ISV had been disconnected.  I pulled
over, pulled the codes with the idle bouncing and got 2232 air flow
potentiometer code.  Restarted and all was fine.
    I have gotten this code before and I had cleared the memory last night.
I have never seen the ECS light blink while driving before, and I have never
experienced the idle instantly going haywire at that low a speed.  The idle
will bounce occasionaly after a fast stop from prolonged highway speeds.
    Anyone have any ideas what's going on here?  I live on a dirt road so
maybe there is some loose wiring for something.  The diff pressure regulator
doesn't appear to be working properly, but I'm not sure about that.


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