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RE: New car discounts??

At 06:47 AM 08/16/1999 -0400, James M. De Arras wrote:
>How do salesmen judge prospects?  I have had zero luck getting any attention
>at the local dealer.  I dress "casual", flip-flips, shorts and a tee shirt.
>Sometimes I drive there in my 88 80Q, sometimes I mountain bike there, for
>exercise.  I'm 47.
>I have expressed my interest in the S4, that I am willing to pay MSRP, no
>trade, cash deal, and get no where.  I suspect they think I'm full of
>BTW, I do have an S4 on order, now, at a remote dealer, by phone, deposit by
>credit card.

>Jim:  Congratulations, You've  discovered   a potent shark repellant.
   I'm now searching for my thongs   and   tank top.  Mike Posner.